First Forward is a loop pile carpet tile that brings you a wealth of on-trend mix&match possibilities at a competitive price level.

When it comes to design, there’s no single element more impactful than colour. That’s why First Forward offers a wide range of 27 colours – including classy neutrals, calming nature-inspired palettes and some bold funky shades.

With a revamped design, an increased wear-resistance and our own in-house yarn, we took (y)our evergreen ‘First’ to a whole other level. Thanks to its effortless elegance, First Forward is the perfect solution for any commercial interior.

Technical datasheet
(340.2 kB)
Sustainable datasheet
(105.08 kB)

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Martin Malina
Sales Manager Divize podlahových krytin email: malina@sis-systemy.cz
mobil: +420 727 958 038


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