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HUFCOR - Mobile acoustic partitions


Mobile acoustic partitions HUFCOR

HUFCOR is one of the largest producers in the world of mobile acoustic partitions with more than 100 years of tradition.

Mobile walls enable a fast and easy division of space into two or more separate and multi-use sections and vice versa.

Basic functions of mobile acoustic partitions Hufcor:

  • easy and fast changes of your interior
  • high quality of design
  • sound insulation of walls with full panels ranging between 39 and 57 dB, glazed panels 39-48 dB
  • easy manupulation and possibility of semi-automatic locking system - ESS
  • possibility of fire resistant partitions EI 30

Types of mobile partitions

  • Type 100
  • Type 100K
  • Type moVISTA
  • Type G3000

Data lists for individual types:

Suspension of panels

Panels are suspended in the upper bearing track profile which is anchored in the ceiling construction and is connected to the suspended ceiling system.

Types of suspension and parking of panels:

  • single-point suspension of panels enables the parking of panels only in the central line of the suspended ceiling track profile
  • two-point suspension of panels enables the parking of panels outside the central line of the suspended ceiling track profile

Catalogue list "Track Profile":

Surface finish

Hufcor offers a wide range of surface finishes of mobile acoustic partitions e.g. melamin, HPL laminate, veneer, mirror, carpet, vinyl surface, magnetic and writeable panels, wall paper, acoustic perforated desks, digital print.

Catalogue list "Surface finishes":

New stock collection of surface finishes for 2015

For further information please contact us.


System ESS represents a new type of client care.
Alternative product ESS stands for a system of closing the panels of mobile walls operated by a microprocessor.
Certified electronic system operates the function of wall panels.
Safe closing of partition walls.
Vertical sealing is equipped with a magnetic profile which secures the reliable closing of panels.
Locking may be interrupted at any time by attaching a magnet to the contact spot.
This safety switch is highly important especially for mobile walls in schools and kindergardens.

  • Each module is operated via a microprocessor – all units of drivers  are produced in Germany.
  • Emergency operation via storage battery or manual operation are part of the delivery.


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