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MERO - TSK type 2

MERO - TSK type 2

Compact framed technological raised flooring with screwed subconstruction.

Designed chiefly for operations – power switchrooms, transformer room and other large technological operations.

Panels are laid on subconstructions made of steel C-profiles, screwed onto rectifiable steel pedestals with a special head.

The system enables creation of screwed modular frames for technological facilities (switchrooms, VZT units, servers, etc.) integrated within the raised flooring with dimensions and requirements of the client. As the construction is connected via screw fixings, any modification due to changes or innovations of technological equipment is rather simple.
A special part of realisation of raised flooring is space for information technology – data centres.

Basic specification:

Construction height 180mm - 2500mm.

Module of pedestals 600x600 mm

Module of pedestals 600x1200 mm

Special types of framed floors:

mero-typ2-1 mero-typ2-2 mero-typ2-3 mero-typ2-4


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