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Raised flooring MERO

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Raised flooring MERO

Panels MERO-TSK may be used with  a wide range of flooring. Floor panels are combined with the flooring as per the requirements of the client in terms of the suitability of the flooring for the premises.


Flooring in standard, antistatic and electrostatic quality

  • Standard storage offer of antistatic PVC MERO ELAST
    In grey colour 964, resp. FATRA DYNAMIK
  • Other shades of PVC MERO ELAST with the delivery of 3-4 weeks, resp. FATRA
  • Electrostaticaly conductive PVC – e.g. FORBO Colorex EC
    shade Montblanc, resp. FATRA ELEKTROSTATIK
  • Other  PVC types – e.g. producers Armstrong DLW and FORBO


In standard and antistatic quality

  • Standard linoleum DLW Marmorette or FORBO Marmoleum
  • Antistatic DLW Marmorette LCH thickness 2.5mm or lino FORBO Marmoleum Ohmex

Rubber flooring

  • e.g. producers Freudenberg or Mondo in standard or antistatic quality

Parquet, ceramic tiling, granite or marble

  • As per requirements and sampling prior to implementation
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Surface Aluminium sheeting

(base for laying carpet tiles on adhesive directly on site)

Textile flooring

  • carpet tiles suitable for raised floor

Special flooring – stainless steel, cork, laminate

All types of flooring including parquet and stone are applied on panels directly during the production. Textile flooring can be delivered glued from the production, however, it is more suitable to lay carpets tiles directly on site.



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