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Glass partitions CLARUS

Glass partitions CLARUS

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Glass partitions represent a  flexible and elegant system for subdivision of your interier meeting requirements for design, enabling any change of your interier disposition and at the same time providing acoustic comfort.

Construction of rebuildable partitions enables a fast and dust-free installation. It guarantees its easy and fast reinstallation. As a result the client is guaranteed a possibility of flexible changes of interier disposition – or just an exchange of  glass modules for solid one in a short period of time and at a low cost.

Quality of your office space is highly important since it combines users comfort and enhances image of the company to the outside world. High quality of glass partitions CLARUS meets not only comfort, high quality but also exceptionally creative design.

Combination of aluminium and glass guarantees a highly effective result, attractive design and high users comfort. CLARUS partitions easily adapts to architect´s needs and users comfort.

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