Second stage of reconstruction of Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

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Second stage of reconstruction of Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

In the second Stage has been reconstructed the remaining area of about 500 square meters - the overall fit-out of bar in the lobby of the Clarion hotel.
During the complete reconstruction, a new pavement was laid, lined with large-format Laminam tiles, on the other walls was made 3D veneer of painted MDF, HPL composite cladding and Vesko's premium wallpaper in custom design. The interestingness of this project are the mosque walls that make the atmosphere of greenery.
The ceilings are designed with 3D shaped LED lighting ramps that surround the fields of the Knauf acoustic perforated ceiling. Part of the 2nd stage of reconstruction were mainly the Lobby Bar area with adjoining sitting areas. The interior of the lobby bar enriches design luminaires made of MDF circles with an LED strip inserted. These MDF rings are hung on metal strings as you can see on the pictures. The inner space between the circles is filled with circular lights, alternating with hanging chains and everything creates the impression of concentric circles.
The bar itself was created as a set of custom cabinets and technical gastronomic facilities. Everything is then packed into Corian workboards and refined with a visible layer of "chips" of engraved boards. The specialty of the bar is then a design slit machine. As a ceiling over the bar, a steel mesh system with suspended chips from the veneer was used.
The next stage will be the reconstruction of the Veduta restaurant and concurrently the lobby of the hotel. We are looking forward to it!

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