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Movable walls WINAB

Movable walls WINAB


WINAB is one of the leading producers of movable acoustic partitions in Sweden with over thirty years of tradition.

Modern movable walls WINAB offer various possibilities for you to use your space. Walls can divide your space into smaller offices or main conference rooms or they may divide your production space in industrial buildings.

Basic functions of movable acoustic walls WINAB

  • OPEN SPACE solution
  • High quality of design
  • Sound insulation walls - 41 to 52 dB
  • Easy manipulation

Surface finishes

WINAB provides movable walls in many materials and patterns. You can choose walls of various materials and colours. Surface finish may be made from melamin, laminate, veneer, boards for writing with chalk or white boards for writing with felt pens, glass walls or walls without any decoration.  You may create your own surface finish of walls, combine materials and patterns and thus create a unique interior with personal atmosphere.

Movable acoustic partitions

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