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Technical specifications - CLARUS


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Technical specifications - CLARUS

Construction system

The system construction of partitions CLARUS is based on precise aluminium profiles, mutually folded one to another in a non-destructive way, or connected via screw attachments (such a system enables the use of all features during potential space reorganisation).

Module of partitions is not – apart from the limitation of sizes of available paneling -  fixed. This allows great potential in the creativity of the architect while following valid norms and regulations for consistency, stability and safety of prefabricated walls.

Thickness of walls is 80 mm, height as per the wishes of the client (up to 4m).

Visible width of standard profiles (column, lower and upper frames) is 40mm.

Spatial effect is enhanced via the horizontal division of partitions CLARUS.


Edge-corner  profiles are delivered in the following qualities:

  • Fixed corner edge  - 90°
  • Adjustable hinged corner edge, option of angle setting 65°- 135°
  • Variable adjustable corner edge – option of angle setting 45°-90°

Colour of surface

Colours of the  basic aluminium construction can be selected not only in the basic range RAL, but also in other colour shades or structures (the question is only the availability of the colour on the market), which harmonizes the partition construction and the overall interior space solution.

Visible parts are treated with powder coated paint – Komaxit in RAL as per the wishes of the client or Elox aluminium.


Full paneling material – board-type material thickness 12 or 16 mm (DTD board laminated or veneered  is most commonly used due to resistence of the surface against damage). Boards are easily maintained (they are washable), fire class B2. Selection of colours as per offered samples. Another type of paneling may be plasterboard, textile upholstery or wallpaper, polycarbonate, etc.

Glazed paneling – frame system enables a simple or double glazing, glass thickness from 6 to 8 mm ( clear, sanded, safety, special, covered with a sheeting etc. glass)

Acoustic value of double glazed partition (1 x glass STRATOBEL 3.3.1. + 1 x safety glass STRATOBEL 4.4.1. = Rw = 43 dB (laboratory measurement)

No-frame system enables also a simple or double glazing, glass ESG thickness from 10 to 12 mm (clear, sanded, safety, special, covered with a sheeting etc. glass.)

Acoustic value of double glazed no-frame partition (1 x glass ESG 10mm + 1 x ESG 12mm = Rw = 45 dB (laboratory measurement)

Insulation paneling – internal sound insulation URSA thickness 50 mm

Combination of division and paneling of partitions:

  • Frame partition with a full paneling
  • Frame partition with full glazing  – on one side only (horizontal blinds may be applied)
    Frame partition fully glazed – on both sides (horizontal blinds installed between the glasses may be applied)
  • Combined frame partition – e.g. full with a fanlight or glazed with a full parapet etc., single or double glazing, or blinds
  • Partition with a partial framing (aluminium frame only along the perimeter of the partition and by the doorframe) – single or double glazed, glass filling with treated edges (cut or polished), connection of glass panels without frames with transparent silicon sealing.
  • Types of the above specified partitions with the use of other system aluminium profiles – with electric installation skirting or column, decorative skirting etc.
  • Integrated door frame either standard or non-standard – as per requirements.


Dimensions of the doors – standard: width 630, 730, 830 or 930mm, height =2040mm, thickness of wing 40mm. Non-standard dimensions can be produced on the basis of a specified request – longer delivery time (approximately by 1 week).

Installed within a system integrated aluminium frame, colour Alu-elox or as per the sample book RAL-selection.

System CLARUS offers door wings in a bezfalcovy quality:   

  • Full, no frame with surface finish as per the requirement (laminate, veneer, paint, varnish)
  • Full - frame, aluminium frame of wing colour RAL-selection or Elox., full cover of door frame DTD desk with surface finish as per the requirement (laminate, veneer, paint, varnish)
  • Single  glazed with safety glued glass STRATOBEL 3.3.1. or 4.4.1., or hardened glass, in aluminium frame in RAL-selection or Elox.
  • Double glazed in aluminium frame ( or with blinds installed between the panes)
  • Fully glazed using hardened glass thickness 8 mm or 10 mm
    Door may be  - single, double, revolving, sliding or swinging.


Glazed modules can be equipped with integrated horizontal blinds either with manual or electric control.

Construction requirements

All building construction into which the partitions and doors CLARUS are anchored (floors, vertical dividing or load bearing construction, ceiling construction) must be delivered with surface finishes (tiles, floor finishes – as per agreement, suspended ceilings, painting, etc).

Should the partitions include power installations, they must be delivered with a clear specification of outlets of power distribution in the existing building construction (cabels), namely where the partitions CLARUS are to be connected.



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