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Types of glass partitions CLARUS


Types of glass partitions CLARUS

1) "CLARUS S1" – CLARUS Simplus 1

Simple partition system offering a clear division of your space while using minimal profile (thin wall aluminium anchor profiles only at the floor and the ceiling) and maximum surface of glass panels. Great emphasis is paid not only to light comfort, lightness, simplicity, freshness, but also on practicality. Glass panels thickness 10 and 12 mm are connected framelessly - glued connection without profiles. Acoustic insulation quality of partitions Rw = 35 - 36dB.

2) "CLARUS S2" – CLARUS Simplus 2

Simple glazed frame partitions represent another product of system line CLARUS. Light aluminium frame construction with optional modulation offers unlimited possibilities when designing interier dividing construction with the aim to satisfy the wishes of our clients. Glass panels of thickness 5 - 8 mm are flexibly laid along the entire perimeter within the system channels made of aluminium profiles, hidden by a smooth aluminium cover plate with the emphasis on clean connection details.

3) “CLARUS A1” – CLARUS Acoustic 1

CLARUS A1 is a technically enhanced option of partitions CLARUS S1. It was developed with the aim of ensuring maximum acoustic comfort of your space. A partition system with double glazing using thin wall aluminium anchor profiles only along the wall perimeter. Individual glass panels (hardened or glued glass thickness 10 – 12 mm) are laid into perimeter profiles and their vertical edges are connected in a way that a homogenous dividing feature ensuring acoustic insulation quality up to Rw = 45 dB is created.

4) “CLARUS A2” – CLARUS Acoustic 2

CLARUS A2 is a thicker option of partitions CLARUS S2. It is a light but fixed frame aluminium construction with double glazing. Module solution is limited only by product parameters of glass panels and the structure of the selected type of partitions which offers many options when dividing your space.  Insert of aluminium  frame  is created by glass panels  of thickness  5 - 8 mm (glued or hardened),  aesthetically secured by aluminium cover piece. Acoustic insulation quality of the partitions when using glued glass 3.3.1. mm + 4.4.1 mm Rw = 43 dB.



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